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Official Dream Market Links (last updated on the 2nd of March 2019)

How to use these links

These are the official Dream Market Links as of March 2019 when they were last updated. To use these links you will need to have the Tor Browser, a normal browser like Firefox will not open them. You can download Tor from here.

Once you have downloaded it, install it and open it up and then try opening the first links from the above list by right clicking on the links and selecting 'copy link location' then going to your Tor browser and pasting in the address there. You might find it easier to open this whole page in Tor and then open the links from there. The video below shows how to do this.

If the first link doesn't work you can open up a number of tabs using different links from the list, and so there's a very good chance that one of them will work, even if several are down it is unusual for them all to be offline. If they are simply give it a break for 30 minutes to an hour and come back.

What is Dream Market?

Dream Market is an anonymous marketplace which has been online since 2013 which allows for anonymous transactions and deliveries of many types of different drugs. It operates on the 'dark web' and must be accessed using the Tor browser.

Once you log in to Dream Market you are greeted with a jaw dropping selection of substances for sale broken down carefully into many different categories. On Dream Market you can find excellent quality cannabis dealers as well as a whole host of other interesting suppliers too. If you can think of it it's probably there for sale.

In order to carry out any transactions on Dream Market you first have to buy Bitcoin, something that should be done before attempting any transactions as buying the Bitcoin can be the most complex part of the whole operation. Normally some sort of ID verification is required. Do remember that this verification is for your bitcoin purchase and has nothing to do with any Dark Market. Anybody can buy Bitcoin for any reason. Local Bitcoins is another option, if for some reason Coinbase does not work for you.

Is Dream Market Safe?

As a buyer buying small amounts of personal drugs in most cases it's completely fine. Thousands of people use it every day. It depends what country you are in as to how much you should let unjust laws concern you. If you are in an area with particularly harsh drug laws then you might want to considering using a VPN whilst carrying out your business. This can completely mask your location, NordVPN is one of the highest rated VPNs in the world.

Of course it is possible to come across unscrupulous vendors, but that is was the rating system is used for, so the experience of the many can be used for everbody's benefit. The system is very much like Ebay in that each seller gets rated on every transaction, so it easy to make an informed decision on whether to use a particular vendor or not. Obviously avoiding any international border crossings is wise, so make sure you filter your results to products that originate in your own country.

This sounds complicated. Can you help?

Yes. We believe in freedom and a person's rights to do what they like with their own body. Nobody has the right to dicate to you what you can and can't put in your body apart from yourself. The state has no right to control how we interact with our minds. The state should stand down in these matters. Get in touch on the live chat if you need help using Dream Market and we can talk you through the process.

Dream Market Account Creation Walkthrough

We have put together this short video which shows you how to create an account at Dream Market once you have downloaded and installed the Tor browser.